The Future of Packaging

There’s nothing simple about making packaging functional, delightful and sustainable. One size does not fit all, as every consumer knows. Add in complex issues like product life cycles, reuse and recycling options, it’s clear that no retailer, FMCG manufacturer, packaging converter or recycler can make packaging optimal on their own. Exciting collaborations are happening across industries to innovate and create better packaging within a successful circular economy.


The Future of Packaging report presents:

  1. How public attention on plastic pollution is driving innovation and creating new markets – Let’s not waste this opportunity
  2. The role of government in recycling infrastructure – Time for a revolution in waste reduction
  3. What’s broken and the first steps to fix it – Pact is central to forming a circular economy
  4. Who will pay more for goods without recyclable packaging? – What the world thinks about waste
  5. The real cost of environmentally friendly packaging – The business impact of being sustainable


And more valuable perspectives on where packaging is headed.

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