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CONTRIBUTING to a better world

Andrew King

“We are contributing to a better world by making innovative, sustainable packaging and paper solutions.”

Andrew King
Group CEO designate

“We need a new mindset in business about competition and collaboration that spans the entire value chain.”

Dominique Reiniche
Chair of the Mondi Sustainable Development committee

Being clear on CLIMATE IMPACTS

“We have put sustainability firmly at the heart of our strategy and identified our climate-related risks and opportunities”

Gunillia Saltin
CEO Uncoated Fine Paper and
Group Technical & Sustainability Director

Focusing on the GLOBAL GOALS

We help tackle some of the world’s big challenges, as targeted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’ve identified the SDGs to which Mondi has the potential to make the biggest contribution. This year, we added SDG 6 because of our potential impacts of our pulp and paper mills on water resources both in terms of water quality and availability.

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to reduce


With demand for responsible products at an all-time high, sustainable packaging – and plastic waste in particular – is a hot topic. Mondi is a pioneer in making packaging sustainable by design.

We have an opportunity to grow our business and support the circular economy with new innovations using paper where possible and plastic when useful.

“Mondi’s packaging solution reduces the use of plastic and enhances recyclability.”

Martina Hörmer
Managing Director Ja! Natürlich

Managing forests
to tackle the

2020 is set to be a critical year in terms of climate action, but reducing emissions is just one part of the story. The crucial link between forests, freshwater and climate means we must enhance the role of forests in tackling the climate crisis.

Sourcing wood fibre RESPONSIBLY

Where does our wood come from?
We’re often asked where our wood comes from. We only source wood and fibre from responsibly managed forests and we aim to provide the best assurance of responsible sourcing across the entire wood supply chain, with 100% compliance with FSC, PEFC or FSC Controlled Wood (CW) sourcing of all wood and pulp in 2019.

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“Given the urgency of climate change, business and science must work together towards more resilient forests.”

Alexander Buck
Executive Director,
International Union of Forest Research Organisations

Acting to safeguard biodiversity
Responsible sourcing helps us manage our impacts on biodiversity. Our main biodiversity impacts occur in our forestry operations and our manufacturing processes can have impacts too. We’re developing metrics to measure and communicate the biodiversity impacts of both our forests and our products, and site-specific action plans for all our mills.

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in us all

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) taskforce is shaping the way forward on diversity and ensuring we create an inclusive environment where differences are valued

“Our goal is the creation of an environment where all voices are heard and new ideas rise quickly to the surface.”

Sara Sizer
Group Communication & Marketing Director
Chair of Mondi’s Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

Key focus areas of the D&I task force

  • Communication and best practice
  • News, blogs and best practice articles plus a guide to gender-inclusive language.
  • People development
  • Conscious inclusion training and ‘reverse mentoring’ of leaders by more junior employees.
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Identifying opportunities to increase inclusion and developing smart targets to measure progress.

towards our 2020 commitments

“We use our Growing Responsibly model to measure, improve and communicate performance against our commitments.”

Gladys Naylor
Group Head of Sustainable Development


reduction in total recordable case rate (TRCR) since 2015

Climate change:
reduction in mills’ total specific CO2e emissions since 2014

Climate change:
of mills’ fuel consumption from biomass-based renewable sources

Sustainable fibre:
FSCTM or PEFCTM certified wood with the remainder being Controlled Wood

EcoSolutions approach: paper where possible, plastic when useful

invested in community initiatives in 2019