eCommerce webinar: Market Insights and Trends

26 September, 2023
5 minute read
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Welcome to the second Mondi Group eCommerce Briefing webinar: Your challenge is our challenge.

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Market trends and insights X eCommerce

The eCommerce market is expected to reach over €5.3 trillion by 2027, with online shopping projected to account for 20% of retail globally. Mondi sits down with Statista to look at the market’s growth drivers and challenges and the role of packaging in the future of eCommerce. 

In this session, Nedim Nisic (Mondi Group eCommerce Director) talks with Sofia Zavialova (Statista Senior Analyst Digital Markets Insights) about the trends and insights of the eCommerce market.

Enjoy our webinar on “Market trends and insights X eCommerce”.

If you would like to jump to a particular topic of interest right away, here is an overview where you find which part within the session:

  • 00:18 (1) Introduction of today’s guest & Statista
  • 04:35 (2) Data as a success driver: How data can be used to improve eCommerce businesses
  • 06:54 (3) Status quo of the eCommerce market: Growth expectations, opportunities & challenges
  • 09:24 (4) Stabilisation of the eCommerce market
  • 10:56 (5) Market drop after Covid-19: Reasons behind & future outlook
  • 14:15 (6) Outlook to 2027: Growth expectations & its regions
  • 17:10 (7) Emerging eCommerce markets: Growth potential, opportunities & challenges for retailers
  • 20:44 (8) Sustainability as a driver: Trends supporting further growth
  • 24:47 (9) Megatrend metaverse: It’s expectation to peak
  • 26:35 (10) Social commerce: Changing the eCommerce market
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