How we are developing digital skills at Mondi Stambolijski

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16. Mai, 2024
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We see creating and providing lifelong learning opportunities as part of our responsibility as a global employer.

We provide different learning formats, including digital, hybrid and face to face, as well as training knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to support job fulfilment and long-term employability.  

There are a few great local examples underlying our approach: In 2023, our Stambolijski mill (Bulgaria) participated in a project to enhance employees’ digital skills in partnership with stakeholders, including the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria. 

After defining digital skills needed for specific professions and assessing existing competencies, we designed new digital training content, including tests and achievement certificates.  

Mondi Stambolijski employees now have access to an online platform with 20 online courses on digital skills for the pulp and paper sector. More than 20% of Mondi Stambolijski’s employees participated in the project in 2023, supporting our upskilling targets and helping our workforce to be digital ready. 

We know our employees need to be able to demonstrate modern digital skills. With effective digital training systems, we can support the transition to digitalisation of work in production.Galina Pachalova, Head of Human Resources, Mondi Stambolijski

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