Our approach to Quality

Quality matters, every time, everywhere. That's why we adopt a 'Zero Non-Conformity' approach that's enshrined in our strategy and the way we operate.

A Mondi colleague examines printed packaging.

Zero Non-Conformity

Our vision of Quality is ‘Zero Non-Conformity’, which means getting things first-time-right. This means fulfilling the requirements of those who rely on us to get the job done. Our Zero Non-Conformity approach ensures customer satisfaction and success for all Quality work.

Six Quality principles

Our approach is guided by six core principles centred on respect for our customers, colleagues and communities. 

Read about our commitment to Quality in the Mondi Quality Policy.

  • Quality is defined by our customers and consumers

    We work together with them to achieve the desired outcomes

  • Quality is embedded in all processes, products and services

    We integrate Quality in everything we do

  • Quality is similar to Safety, Health, and Environment in its approach

    We aspire to prevent non-conformities

  • Quality is a mindset

    We incorporate Quality habits into our daily routine, from operations to strategy

  • Quality means continual improvement

    We strive for excellence together every day

  • Quality is built on standards

    We comply with our Quality Management System

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