Culture and values

We grow, create and inspire together as part of inclusive teams, doing purposeful jobs, in safe and supportive workplaces.

Our guiding principles

  • Value differences

    We embrace, celebrate and nurture the uniqueness of our people around the world as part of inclusive teams.

  • Foster growth

    We invest in the potential of our people, from early career development to pushing our leaders forward.

  • Support each other

    We create positive and supportive environments focused on recognition, flexibility and speaking our minds.

Two Mondi colleagues overlooking a forest.

We make a difference

Through the Mondi Action Plan 2030, we put sustainability at the very centre of everything we do. This is our commitment to circular-driven solutions, created by empowered people, taking action on climate. Our teams are united in their ambition to reach our goals and finding solutions to some of the key challenges of today. 

Frauke Bastians, Senior D&I Manager Mondi Group
Diversty & Inclusion

Everyone belongs

“We know that our employees are happiest and do their best work when they feel they belong and don’t need to hide any part of their identity.”

Frauke Bastians, Diversity & Inclusion Senior Manager

Mondi Action Plan 2030

Empowered People

We are connected by a shared purpose and strong sustainability commitments.

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A Mondi colleagues standing in a packaging plant.