Application process and tips

Put your best foot forward by reading our top tips and frequently asked questions before submitting your application to join our team.

Applying for a position at Mondi but not sure what to expect?

During the recruitment phase, we would like to get to know your skills, experience, aspirations and everything that makes you, you!

We appreciate authenticity throughout. Ask yourself: why are you the best fit for Mondi, and why is Mondi the best fit for you? Does MAP2030 reflect your values? How can Mondi contribute to your personal and professional development?

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Our recruitment process places a strong emphasis on creating a level playing field for candidates with different backgrounds and experiences. Depending on the position, we use a variety of assessments, beyond just traditional interviews, to get a holistic view of each candidate. This might include aptitude tests, written exercises, and behavioral assessments.


Doing so can help us ensure that hiring decisions are based on both your hard and soft skills, while mitigating biases.

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Candidate Experiences

We aim to provide a pleasant experience because we appreciate the time and effort you invest in your application! Not only is it our goal to assess all incoming applications to guarantee that all candidates have a fair chance during the recruitment process. The turnaround time for feedback may differ from position to position, mostly correlating with the number of applications we evaluate. 


In the end, a CV and a cover letter are only vehicles to relay your personal milestones. But we understand that there is more to you than what is on your CV.

FAQs and tips

What if I do not find a suitable vacancy?

New opportunities pop up all the time across Mondi. So please check our vacancies regularly and follow us on social media (LinkedInIndeedFacebook and Instagram).

What are must-haves for an application?

Which languages are required?

May I apply for more than one position simultaneously?

Which internships and graduate opportunities does Mondi offer?

What matters most when it comes to my application?

Tip: Have a detailed look at the job description!

Tip: Consider the STAR approach!

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