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Pasted valve bags

Pasted valve bags are closed bags made of high-quality materials. They are designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers and have flexible closure options.

Easy Open - features for paper bags

Features for paper bags

Easy Open, Easy Seal and Handles is our range of customisable features for paper bags that make using your packaging even more convenient.

Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom bags are the best solutions for medium and big contents. A stable bottom is formed when the bags is filled and enables attractive product display at the point of sale.

SOS Bags

SOS bags

SOS (Self Opening Sacks) are self-standing open-mouth bags available in a variety of combinations of materials, properties, and closure methods.

Window Bag

Window bags

Window bags are pasted valve or open mouth bags with a transparent window made of PE film which makes the contents of the bag visible.

Open Mouth Bags

Open mouth bags

Open mouth bags are made of high-quality materials, closed on one side by sewing or glueing, offering reliable hygienic closure techniques.

Inline sealing system

Sack filling equipment - sealing systems

Mondi's subsidiary Natro Tech S.r.l. offers inline as well as off-board sealing systems for sack filling machines.

Standard palletiser

Sack filling equipment - palletisers

Mondi's subsidiary Natro Tech S.r.l. offers mobile palletisers as well as efficient robotic lines.

Model NSA

Sack filling equipment - automatic bag applicator

Placing the bags on the filling spout can be done either manually or, which is much more convenient, with an automatic bag applicator. Mondi's subsidiary Natro Tech S.r.l. offers different types of applicators, from 1-6 spouts, all with opening valve systems.

Open mouth bag & squeeze bottom packers

Sack filling equipment - packers

As a subsidiary of Mondi, Natro Tech S.r.l. has nearly 100 years of experience in manufacturing packers for various bag types.

FlexiBag Recylable - in use


FlexiBags are pre-made, reclosable packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different thicknesses, barrier properties and features, including customisable sizes and bottom constructions.

Advantage High Strength

Extensible sack kraft paper

Advantage High Strength and High Strength Plus are extensible papers with outstanding strength properties and excellent runnability. The high porous qualities Advantage Select, Advantage Speed E White and our one-ply solution Advantage One combines exceptional strength with excellent runnability.

Advantage Kraft

Flat sack kraft paper

Our Flat Sack Kraft Paper portfolio includes Advantage Kraft in white and brown grades with fit-for-purpose properties. These grades offer excellent runnability on high-speed converting machines, while their optimal combination of strength and high stiffness is ideal for open mouth bag applications.

Advantage Semi Extensible & Semi Extensible Plus

Semi extensible sack kraft paper

Our Semi Extensible range includes Advantage Semi Extensible in white and brown grades. Advantage Speed and Advantage Speed White are high porosity grades for fast and dust-free filling. These grades offer high tensile energy absorption, excellent runnability on high-speed converting lines and selected grades are available in wet strength quality.