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Protective Flexible Paper Bags in-use

Protective flexible paper bags

Enjoy our flexible paper packaging solutions Protector Bags for bulky, sensitive, or irregularly shaped items. Multiple layers of durable kraft paper ensure high product protection while being environmentally friendly.

MailerBag in use

Paper mailers

MailerBAGs are sustainability-focused, patented paper bags for eCommerce shipments that offer cost efficiency and customer experience. Available in a wide range of designs and sizes.

FunctionalBarrier Papers Group shot

FunctionalBarrier papers

Our FunctionalBarrier Papers are fibre-based alternatives to plastic used for HFFS/VFFS. Let them excite you, be it for frozen food, eCommerce or anything in between.

Kraft Paper for eCommerce Group shot

Kraft paper for eCommerce

Our Advantage and EcoVantage eCommerce portfolio includes high quality brown, white and recycled paper grades. Ideal for non-food and food applications with direct food contact certifications. Our EcoVantage production can also offer closed loop possibilities for retailers.

Kraft Paper for eCommerce Cushioning & Tapes Group shot

Kraft paper for eCommerce cushioning and tapes

As part of our Kraft Paper for eCommerce portfolio we offer water-activated tapes, gummed tapes and cushioning paper, with product features designed to suit your specific needs.

OLMO Paper CompressWrap

Paper-based compress wrap

Did you know that you can fully replace plastic wrappers with compressible paper solutions to pack your mattresses? Get excited by our OLMO Paper® CompressWrap!

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Packaging solutions for eCommerce

Explore our range of corrugated solutions designed specifically for eCommerce. Faster, safer packaging that will delight your customers.

Release Liner for Mailers

Release liner for mailers

Our reliable and low-cost release liners are the sticky solution for your self-adhesive envelope and document pouch needs.

Mondi eGrocery portfolio

eCommerce packaging for online grocery shopping

Mondi’s eGrocery offers clever designs with different bottom and closure options as well as inserts and easy opening and carrying solutions.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

eCommerce packaging for electronics & media

Discover our corrugated packaging solutions for packing and shipping electronics and media.

eCommerce packaging solutions for fashion

eCommerce packaging for fashion

Packaging innovation meets fashion finesse! From procurement to packing, our designs will excite your customers and ensure maximum protection for your products and returns as well.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Wine and beverage packaging

We solve your unique bottle shipping challenge. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke solutions for safely getting your bottled products from A to B.