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Wine and beverage packaging

We solve your unique bottle shipping challenge. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke solutions for safely getting your bottled products from A to B.

  • Multi-bottle shipments of wines, spirits and craft beers
  • First-class consumer experience
  • High protection


  • Inside and outside printing options
  • Cut-outs
  • Gift-box appearance
  • Easy opening



Our most popular designs

A streamlined portfolio answering all bottle packaging and shipping needs for wines, spirits and craft beers. 



VinoBoxClass is the premium packaging for stores and wine producers that want to strengthen their bond with wine enthusiasts. Inside and outside printing options, cut-outs, a gift-box appearance, and convenient features like easy opening, provide a first-class consumer experience, appealing presentation, and the very best protection for your fine or sparkling wines.

Image of Hug&Hold
PET beverage packaging


Hug&Hold is a new sustainable alternative to plastic shrink wrap. It comprises two elements that provide secure and safe transportation as well as stacking of bundles of bottled drinks. The first element is a patent-pending sleeve made of 100% kraft paper that wraps around the bottles to hold them securely. Made from Advantage SpringPack Plus, it offers high tensile strength and can withstand enough weight to strap and stabilise the bottles during transportation. The second element is a corrugated clip which holds the bottles around the neck. An optional integrated handle means a bundle of bottles can be carried and transported easily. 

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Mondi's tailor-made, cost-saving, corrugated e-packaging solution for Austrian start-up Kalea’s Advent Beer Calendar stormed the Christmas gift market.

Kalea’s Advent Beer Calendar

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