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Medical Release Liner

Medical release liner

Release liners for medical applications including transdermal delivery systems, therapeutic patches, adhesive bandages, advanced wound dressings, and body electrodes.

Release Liner for Building and Roofing

Release liner for building and roofing

Self-adhesive protective liners allow easy rewinding of the final product, eliminating the need to burn it off and therefore ensuring a safer working environment.

Release Liner for Fibre Composites

Release liner for fibre composites

Release liners are essential for producing composite materials. They serve as process paper or film to prevent materials from sticking together during the impregnation process.


Release liner for graphic arts

Mondi's innovative release liner for car wrapping, advertising films, in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Release Liner for Hygiene Applications

Release liner for hygiene applications

Sustainable and cost-effective paper-based release liners designed for customers’ specific adhesives, contribute to efficient self-adhesive hygiene solutions.

Release Liner for Labels

Release liner for labels

Using all kinds of base materials, and adjusting chemistry to customise release values, we offer tailor-made solutions that are sustainable by design.

Release Liner for Mailers

Release liner for mailers

Our reliable and low-cost release liners are the sticky solution for your self-adhesive envelope and document pouch needs.

Release Liner for Tapes

Release liner for tapes

Mondi can be your one-stop-shop for all your liners used in self-adhesive tapes. Benefit from our large experience in base materials and state-of-the-art siliconizing technologies.