Release Liner for Building and Roofing
Release liner for building and roofing

Release liner for building and roofing

Self-adhesive protective liners allow easy rewinding of the final product, eliminating the need to burn it off and therefore ensuring a safer working environment.

  • Backward integration of supply chain
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Wide widths coating options (up to 2m)







Mondi's BitProLiner® is a comprehensive solution for bitumen roofing, tackling challenges such as chemical migration and production process difficulties. With a range of barrier options, different film colours, and various silicone chemistries, BitProLiner® offers versatility. Starting from a thickness of 20µm, it ensures safe and smooth rewinding of membranes and shingles, while providing optimal protection to the adhesive surface. Additionally, the BitProLiner®-barrier effectively prevents the undesired bleeding of unbound oils. Choose BitProLiner® for efficient and reliable bitumen roofing production.

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