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Automotive sector image

Automotive logistics packaging

Explore corrugated solutions for transporting automotive components, from standard transport designs to specialised configurations.

Box for bikes

Bike packaging

The BikeBox is a universal packaging system for all types of mountain, gravel, city, racing and e-bikes.

Corrugated pallet image

Corrugated pallets

The Mondi corrugated pallet is a strong, lightweight, paper-based alternative to wooden or plastic pallets.

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets

High-quality corrugated sheets for optimal converting into strong and stable corrugated board.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Packaging solutions for eCommerce

Explore our range of corrugated solutions designed specifically for eCommerce. Faster, safer packaging that will delight your customers.

Mondi eGrocery portfolio

eCommerce packaging for online grocery shopping

Mondi’s eGrocery offers clever designs with different bottom and closure options as well as inserts and easy opening and carrying solutions.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

eCommerce packaging for electronics & media

Discover our corrugated packaging solutions for packing and shipping electronics and media.

eCommerce packaging solutions for fashion

eCommerce packaging for fashion

Packaging innovation meets fashion finesse! From procurement to packing, our designs will excite your customers and ensure maximum protection for your products and returns as well.

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Explore our corrugated packaging solutions, that protect your fresh produce from field to shelf, and look great in retail store displays.

Single material (only corrugated) or mixed material

Inserts and dividers

A diverse selection of inserts, interlayers, wedging, and filling materials offers exceptional protection during shipment for your packed items.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Large-volume containers

Transporting large products needs special care and attention. We have you covered with our specialised large-volume solutions.



These heavy-duty intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are a strong and lightweight alternative to big bags or metal crates for coarse and powdery products. Discover cardboard Octabin boxes by Mondi.

Shelf Ready Packaging Solutions

Shelf-ready packaging

Our shelf-ready packaging solutions are genuinely transformative, offering a great consumer experience that boosts retailers’ efficiency and sales target needs.

Small load carriers

Small load carriers

From storage warehouses to internal packing stations, our small load carriers (SLCs) are a big help with all your logistics processes.

Snug & Strong, a corrugated solution to pack white goods

Packaging for white goods

Mondi’s Snug&Strong is a custom-fit corrugated solution designed to replace EPS components in household appliance packaging.

beverage packing solutions

Wine and beverage packaging

We solve your unique bottle shipping challenge. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke solutions for safely getting your bottled products from A to B.