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Aseptic Cartons

Aseptic cartons

Aseptic cartons are a cost-effective yet safe way to pack pre-sterilised and non-sterile products. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Paraten Liner

Protective lining for corrugated solutions

Replace less sustainable packaging and gain new opportunities for your corrugated solution by adding barrier liners that protect against moisture, grease and other external influences.

Kraft Paper for Agriculture & Home Composting Group shot

Kraft paper for agriculture and home composting

Introducing our paper-based and fully compostable solutions designed for the home and agricultural industry. Made from high-quality, responsibly sourced Nordic fibres

Bag in box

Bag-in-box barrier films

Mondi's ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) barrier films are high-performance and sustainable outer and inner liners for bag-in-box (BIB) pouches, offering excellent protective properties that ensure beverages and chemicals are kept safe from oxygen and light contamination.

Compostable Paper Packaging

Compostable paper packaging

Sustainex® is an innovative range of extrusion-coated and laminated packaging materials with unique biodegradable and industrially compostable properites.

FlexiBag Recylable - in use


FlexiBags are pre-made, reclosable packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different thicknesses, barrier properties and features, including customisable sizes and bottom constructions.

PerFORMing Monoloop in use

Formable paper packaging solutions

PerFORMing is the #1 natural formable paper-based packaging solution for food, portion packs, trays and tubes.

FunctionalBarrier Papers Group shot

FunctionalBarrier papers

Our FunctionalBarrier Papers are fibre-based alternatives to plastic used for HFFS/VFFS. Let them excite you, be it for frozen food, eCommerce or anything in between.

BarrierPack Recyclable

Monomaterial barrier packaging

Monomaterial barrier packaging is our award-winning, flexible solution designed for recycling. It is available with different barrier properties to protect the contents inside from external factors.

Kraft Paper for Flexible Packaging for Beverages Group shot

Kraft paper for flexible packaging for beverages

Mondi's MF Kraft Paper grades are the strongest in our Advantage portfolio, offering stiffness that is ideal for converting machines and reliability when protecting beverages in transit.

Advantage Smooth White Strong

Kraft paper for flexible packaging for food

Our food contact certified kraft paper range for food, single portions, formed trays, and form-fill-seal applications. With high-quality white and brown grades offering high strength and good printability.

Kraft Paper for Food Service Group shot

Kraft paper for food service

Our food service paper grades are direct food contact certified, with substance grades starting from 28gsm, and offer good printability for branding and different surface quality options.

Laminating Barrier Films

Laminating barrier films

We produce highly specialised laminating films which, as functional components of flexible packaging, keep your products safe, preserve their flavour, and help maintain their shelf life.

Paper Laminates

Paper laminates

Mondi's paper laminate solution offers high-performance and cost-effective packaging protection.

Monomaterial thermoforming films

More sustainable barrier films

These innovative products are the highlight of our ongoing sustainability journey to support our customers to pack their products in a recyclable solution with a low carbon footprint.


Wicket bags

Mondi's wicket bags guarantee an outstanding product presentation at the POS. Available in paper-based and monomaterial structures, you can choose the best solution for your brand.

Thermoformable Monomaterial Films

Thermoformable barrier films

We produce high barrier films with up to 18-layers to ensure highest product protection and elongated shelf life, while at the same time ensuring best machine processability during the packaging process.

RetortPouch Recyclable - in use

Monomaterial barrier pouches

Mono material barrier pouches are our award-winning, flexible packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different barrier properties to protect the contents inside from external factors.


Monomaterial shaped pouches

Monomaterial shaped pouches have a specific form that differentiate your product from regular pouches. Due to the material structure used they are designed for recycling.


Monomaterial spouted pouches

Mono material spouted pouches combine the advantages of stand-up pouches with convenience for the end-user through the usage of a spout.

RetortPouch Recyclable

Retortable monomaterial pouch

RetortPouch Recyclable is an award-winning monomaterial packaging. The innovative high-barrier film used instead of aluminium, keeps temperatures high and provides short processing times during the retort process.

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Explore our corrugated packaging solutions, that protect your fresh produce from field to shelf, and look great in retail store displays.

Shelf Ready Packaging Solutions

Shelf-ready packaging

Our shelf-ready packaging solutions are genuinely transformative, offering a great consumer experience that boosts retailers’ efficiency and sales target needs.

beverage packing solutions

Wine and beverage packaging

We solve your unique bottle shipping challenge. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke solutions for safely getting your bottled products from A to B.