Thermoformable Monomaterial Films
Thermoformable barrier films

Thermoformable barrier films

We produce high barrier films with up to 18-layers to ensure highest product protection and elongated shelf life, while at the same time ensuring best machine processability during the packaging process.

  • PA- and EVOH/PA barrier films
  • Extended shelf life for the packaged products
  • Excellent aroma, odour and gas barrier


  • Films can be equipped with special additives to support customer demands
  • High residual wall thickness thanks to uniform gauge distribution
  • Outstanding thermoforming properties and perfect fit for the product shape
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Peel, colouration, anti-fog possible


Sterilisation & retort films

Sterilisation & retort films

Our thermoforming films for sterilisation- and retort application with medium and high barrier properties, ensure extended shelf life for your products. They offer extremely high oxygen and water vapour barriers and a fast recovery of barrier properties after retorting. The films have an improved sealing strength and provide a perfect fit for the product shape. Colouration of the film is also possible. Our thermoforming films are suitable for pasteurisation, sterilisation, retort and microwave applications.

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