FIBC Liner BarrierPack Paper-based Tube Packaging
Industrial barrier films and tubes Industrial barrier films and tubes Industrial barrier films and tubes

Industrial barrier films and tubes

We offer comprehensive coextruded multi-layer structures that provide excellent barrier properties against the migration of gases and aromas.

  • Tailor-made solutions according to customer needs
  • PE- and PP-based barrier films
  • Suitable for substitution of aluminium


  • Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise guarentee performance and reduces the complexity of your operations
  • Extremely high oxygen and water vapor barriers
  • High sealing strength
  • Anti-static
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Special mechanical attributes



FIBC Liner

FIBC Liner

With our FIBC liner films, safety comes in two forms: superior hygiene characteristics for infant food safety and anti-static properties to prevent explosions on the filling line. Our films also eliminate the need for an aluminium layer to make your products more sustainable. Your total benefit: advancement for your products, business and customers.

What else can you expect: Excellent high oxygen and moisture barrier, excellent mechanical properties, permanent anti-static available and of course highest level of hygiene and safety standards. These films are ideal for side gusset tubes for milk powder industry, big bags and chemical industry.

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