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Automotive sector image

Automotive logistics packaging

Explore corrugated solutions for transporting automotive components, from standard transport designs to specialised configurations.


Industrial wrapping

Our industrial wrapping packaging solutions offer reliable and effective protection for paper and steel products.

Paraten Liner

Protective lining for corrugated solutions

Replace less sustainable packaging and gain new opportunities for your corrugated solution by adding barrier liners that protect against moisture, grease and other external influences.

Kraft Paper for Agriculture & Home Composting Group shot

Kraft paper for agriculture and home composting

Introducing our paper-based and fully compostable solutions designed for the home and agricultural industry. Made from high-quality, responsibly sourced Nordic fibres

FunctionalBarrier Papers Group shot

FunctionalBarrier papers

Our FunctionalBarrier Papers are fibre-based alternatives to plastic used for HFFS/VFFS. Let them excite you, be it for frozen food, eCommerce or anything in between.

Box for bikes

Bike packaging

The BikeBox is a universal packaging system for all types of mountain, gravel, city, racing and e-bikes.

Release Liner for Fibre Composites

Release liner for fibre composites

Release liners are essential for producing composite materials. They serve as process paper or film to prevent materials from sticking together during the impregnation process.

FIBC Liner

Industrial barrier films and tubes

We offer comprehensive coextruded multi-layer structures that provide excellent barrier properties against the migration of gases and aromas.

Advantage StretchWrap

Kraft paper for industrial and protective packaging

Our range offers superior strength, durability and stretch for reliable product protection during filling, handling and transit.

Corrugated pallet image

Corrugated pallets

The Mondi corrugated pallet is a strong, lightweight, paper-based alternative to wooden or plastic pallets.


Release liner for graphic arts

Mondi's innovative release liner for car wrapping, advertising films, in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Kraft Paper for Technical Applications Group Shot

Kraft paper for technical applications

We offer a wide range of natural brown speciality kraft papers for diverse technical applications including saturating kraft papers.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Large-volume containers

Transporting large products needs special care and attention. We have you covered with our specialised large-volume solutions.



These heavy-duty intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are a strong and lightweight alternative to big bags or metal crates for coarse and powdery products. Discover cardboard Octabin boxes by Mondi.

Small load carriers

Small load carriers

From storage warehouses to internal packing stations, our small load carriers (SLCs) are a big help with all your logistics processes.

Snug & Strong, a corrugated solution to pack white goods

Packaging for white goods

Mondi’s Snug&Strong is a custom-fit corrugated solution designed to replace EPS components in household appliance packaging.