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Pasted valve bags Pasted valve bags Pasted valve bags Pasted valve bags

Pasted valve bags

Pasted valve bags are closed bags made of high-quality materials. They are designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers and have flexible closure options.

  • High-speed filling due to quick de-aeration
  • Flexible closure options
  • Optimal palletisation


  • Closing of the valve can be either self-closed by the pressure of the product, closed by sticking/plugging in, heat-sealed or ultrasonically
  • Poly-coated plies or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) films can be incorporated for improved moisture or flavour protection
  • Optional Easy Seal or Ultrasonic Sealable Valve for cleanliness and enhanced product protection
  • Integrated tear-open strip for easy opening available
  • Sophisticated anti-counterfeiting labels possible
  • Handle options for greater convenience for the end user
  • Mini Bag version suitable for 2.3 - 6.5 liters or 3- to 7.5kg available
  • Up to 3 times more printing area for translations, instructions or other content possible with World Bag®



HybridPRO Bag

HybridPRO Bag

HybridPRO is a pasted valve bag made of one ply of high-performance paper with a water-repellent outer ply for high-speed filling of moisture-sensitive goods. It offers characteristics of a plastic bag and can be filled on conventional paper bag filling systems. The bag allows outdoor storage for extended periods of time as the unperforated HDPE film provides a barrier against direct rain, moisture, and dust.

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