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Features for paper bags

Easy Open, Easy Seal and Handles is our range of customisable features for paper bags that make using your packaging even more convenient.

  • Customised solutions
  • Convenient
  • Increases usability


Easy Open

Easy Open

With the Easy Open feature, all types of bags can be opened quickly, safely and cleanly. You no longer have to worry about contaminating the contents and can avoid handling sharp knives. The concept features an integrated tear strip at the bottom of the bag. This allows the user to easily open the bag and quickly release the contents. The strip is simply pulled as indicated on the bag and the two sides can now be easily separated to access the contents. Benefits: - Quick and easy opening - Clean handling of the contents - No contamination - Avoidance of accidents with sharp objects - Customisable to all types of bags Type: - Opening strip - Effusion opening - Bottom cut

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