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Medical Release Liner

Medical release liner

Release liners for medical applications including transdermal delivery systems, therapeutic patches, adhesive bandages, advanced wound dressings, and body electrodes.

PERGRAPHICA® white paper ream smooth surface packshot

PERGRAPHICA® | Uncoated design paper

PERGRAPHICA® is a full spectrum premium design paper that was made to serve as the perfect, tactile backdrop to your design work and creative communication.

A woman holding a corrugated box with the words ProVantage SmartKraft White written on it.

Containerboard White | Appearance

A white containerboard product portfolio that meets customers’ and end-users’ requirements for high-quality paper with a bright surface.

Automotive sector image

Automotive logistics packaging

Explore corrugated solutions for transporting automotive components, from standard transport designs to specialised configurations.

Aseptic Cartons

Aseptic cartons

Aseptic cartons are a cost-effective yet safe way to pack pre-sterilised and non-sterile products. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Soluble valve bag

SolmixBag is our white one-ply bag that dissolves during the mixing process. Drop the closed bag into the mixer, add water and it will integrate with your product.

Protective Flexible Paper Bags in-use

Protective flexible paper bags

Enjoy our flexible paper packaging solutions Protector Bags for bulky, sensitive, or irregularly shaped items. Multiple layers of durable kraft paper ensure high product protection while being environmentally friendly.


Pasted valve bags

Pasted valve bags are closed bags made of high-quality materials. They are designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers and have flexible closure options.

Easy Open - features for paper bags

Features for paper bags

Easy Open, Easy Seal and Handles is our range of customisable features for paper bags that make using your packaging even more convenient.

Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom bags are the best solutions for medium and big contents. A stable bottom is formed when the bags is filled and enables attractive product display at the point of sale.

SOS Bags

SOS bags

SOS (Self Opening Sacks) are self-standing open-mouth bags available in a variety of combinations of materials, properties, and closure methods.

Window Bag

Window bags

Window bags are pasted valve or open mouth bags with a transparent window made of PE film which makes the contents of the bag visible.

Open Mouth Bags

Open mouth bags

Open mouth bags are made of high-quality materials, closed on one side by sewing or glueing, offering reliable hygienic closure techniques.

MailerBag in use

Paper mailers

MailerBAGs are sustainability-focused, patented paper bags for eCommerce shipments that offer cost efficiency and customer experience. Available in a wide range of designs and sizes.


Industrial wrapping

Our industrial wrapping packaging solutions offer reliable and effective protection for paper and steel products.

Insulation facers for building

Insulation facers for building

Our PIR foam and mineral wool insulation facers offer enhanced thermal performance for general purpose building including roofs, cavity walls, floor and interior renovations.

Paraten Liner

Protective lining for corrugated solutions

Replace less sustainable packaging and gain new opportunities for your corrugated solution by adding barrier liners that protect against moisture, grease and other external influences.

OLMO paper process liner

Process liner for foam industry

OLMO Paper® peelable process liner are valuable assets in the production of Polyurethane foam due to their release function and protection of chemical processes during production.

Release Liner for Building and Roofing

Release liner for building and roofing

Self-adhesive protective liners allow easy rewinding of the final product, eliminating the need to burn it off and therefore ensuring a safer working environment.

Inline sealing system

Sack filling equipment - sealing systems

Mondi's subsidiary Natro Tech S.r.l. offers inline as well as off-board sealing systems for sack filling machines.

Standard palletiser

Sack filling equipment - palletisers

Mondi's subsidiary Natro Tech S.r.l. offers mobile palletisers as well as efficient robotic lines.

Model NSA

Sack filling equipment - automatic bag applicator

Placing the bags on the filling spout can be done either manually or, which is much more convenient, with an automatic bag applicator. Mondi's subsidiary Natro Tech S.r.l. offers different types of applicators, from 1-6 spouts, all with opening valve systems.

Open mouth bag & squeeze bottom packers

Sack filling equipment - packers

As a subsidiary of Mondi, Natro Tech S.r.l. has nearly 100 years of experience in manufacturing packers for various bag types.

Kraft Paper for Agriculture & Home Composting Group shot

Kraft paper for agriculture and home composting

Introducing our paper-based and fully compostable solutions designed for the home and agricultural industry. Made from high-quality, responsibly sourced Nordic fibres

Bag in box

Bag-in-box barrier films

Mondi's ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) barrier films are high-performance and sustainable outer and inner liners for bag-in-box (BIB) pouches, offering excellent protective properties that ensure beverages and chemicals are kept safe from oxygen and light contamination.

Color Copy product range

Color Copy | Digital colour printing paper

Color Copy is the leading digital colour printing paper, offering sharpness, colour brilliance, and versatility for printing documents, graphics, and images.

Compostable Paper Packaging

Compostable paper packaging

Sustainex® is an innovative range of extrusion-coated and laminated packaging materials with unique biodegradable and industrially compostable properites.

FlexiBag Recylable - in use


FlexiBags are pre-made, reclosable packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different thicknesses, barrier properties and features, including customisable sizes and bottom constructions.

PerFORMing Monoloop in use

Formable paper packaging solutions

PerFORMing is the #1 natural formable paper-based packaging solution for food, portion packs, trays and tubes.

FunctionalBarrier Papers Group shot

FunctionalBarrier papers

Our FunctionalBarrier Papers are fibre-based alternatives to plastic used for HFFS/VFFS. Let them excite you, be it for frozen food, eCommerce or anything in between.

A woman in a warehouse holding a corrugated box with the words ProVantage Kraftliner written on it.c

Containerboard Brown | Kraft

This portfolio provides the right paper solution for a vast range of customer and end-user needs. Strength and high box performance are key.

Box for bikes

Bike packaging

The BikeBox is a universal packaging system for all types of mountain, gravel, city, racing and e-bikes.

BarrierPack Recyclable

Monomaterial barrier packaging

Monomaterial barrier packaging is our award-winning, flexible solution designed for recycling. It is available with different barrier properties to protect the contents inside from external factors.

Release Liner for Fibre Composites

Release liner for fibre composites

Release liners are essential for producing composite materials. They serve as process paper or film to prevent materials from sticking together during the impregnation process.

Kraft Paper for eCommerce Group shot

Kraft paper for eCommerce

Our Advantage and EcoVantage eCommerce portfolio includes high quality brown, white and recycled paper grades. Ideal for non-food and food applications with direct food contact certifications. Our EcoVantage production can also offer closed loop possibilities for retailers.

FIBC Liner

Industrial barrier films and tubes

We offer comprehensive coextruded multi-layer structures that provide excellent barrier properties against the migration of gases and aromas.

NAUTILUS Classic Folio

NAUTILUS® | Recycled printing paper

NAUTILUS® is a premium brand of recycled office and professional printing papers, offering exceptional performance and high-quality printing solutions for a variety of applications.

Kraft Paper for eCommerce Cushioning & Tapes Group shot

Kraft paper for eCommerce cushioning and tapes

As part of our Kraft Paper for eCommerce portfolio we offer water-activated tapes, gummed tapes and cushioning paper, with product features designed to suit your specific needs.

Kraft Paper for Flexible Packaging for Beverages Group shot

Kraft paper for flexible packaging for beverages

Mondi's MF Kraft Paper grades are the strongest in our Advantage portfolio, offering stiffness that is ideal for converting machines and reliability when protecting beverages in transit.

Advantage Smooth White Strong

Kraft paper for flexible packaging for food

Our food contact certified kraft paper range for food, single portions, formed trays, and form-fill-seal applications. With high-quality white and brown grades offering high strength and good printability.

Advantage High Strength

Extensible sack kraft paper

Advantage High Strength and High Strength Plus are extensible papers with outstanding strength properties and excellent runnability. The high porous qualities Advantage Select, Advantage Speed E White and our one-ply solution Advantage One combines exceptional strength with excellent runnability.

Kraft Paper for Food Service Group shot

Kraft paper for food service

Our food service paper grades are direct food contact certified, with substance grades starting from 28gsm, and offer good printability for branding and different surface quality options.

Advantage StretchWrap

Kraft paper for industrial and protective packaging

Our range offers superior strength, durability and stretch for reliable product protection during filling, handling and transit.

Mondi's Containerboard Appearance portfolio

Containerboard Recycled

Cost-effective containerboard and sustainable packaging solutions are combined perfectly in this recycled range of products

Corrugated pallet image

Corrugated pallets

The Mondi corrugated pallet is a strong, lightweight, paper-based alternative to wooden or plastic pallets.

OLMO Paper CompressWrap

Paper-based compress wrap

Did you know that you can fully replace plastic wrappers with compressible paper solutions to pack your mattresses? Get excited by our OLMO Paper® CompressWrap!


Release liner for graphic arts

Mondi's innovative release liner for car wrapping, advertising films, in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Advantage Kraft

Flat sack kraft paper

Our Flat Sack Kraft Paper portfolio includes Advantage Kraft in white and brown grades with fit-for-purpose properties. These grades offer excellent runnability on high-speed converting machines, while their optimal combination of strength and high stiffness is ideal for open mouth bag applications.

Ecovantage Kraft Pro

Kraft paper for retail

Our Advantage and EcoVantage Retail portfolio offers fit-for-purpose properties including high strength, excellent runnability and is direct food contact certified. Our EcoVantage production can also offer closed loop possibilities for retailers.

Laminating Barrier Films

Laminating barrier films

We produce highly specialised laminating films which, as functional components of flexible packaging, keep your products safe, preserve their flavour, and help maintain their shelf life.

BIO TOP 3 extra Folio

BIO TOP 3® | Totally chlorine free (TCF) paper

BIO TOP 3® is a sustainable and versatile paper range in a unique off-white shade, offering high-quality printing and packaging solutions.

Paper Laminates

Paper laminates

Mondi's paper laminate solution offers high-performance and cost-effective packaging protection.

Monomaterial thermoforming films

More sustainable barrier films

These innovative products are the highlight of our ongoing sustainability journey to support our customers to pack their products in a recyclable solution with a low carbon footprint.

ProVantage Frescoflute. Semi-Chem fluting paper

Semi chemical fluting | Semi-Chem

Semi-chemical fluting papers enhance the firmness of packaging boxes. High performance and dimensional stability provide optimal protection for your products in every environment.

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets

High-quality corrugated sheets for optimal converting into strong and stable corrugated board.


Wicket bags

Mondi's wicket bags guarantee an outstanding product presentation at the POS. Available in paper-based and monomaterial structures, you can choose the best solution for your brand.

Thermoformable Monomaterial Films

Thermoformable barrier films

We produce high barrier films with up to 18-layers to ensure highest product protection and elongated shelf life, while at the same time ensuring best machine processability during the packaging process.

NEUJET paper reel

NEUJET® | High-speed inkjet paper

NEUJET® is a specialised uncoated paper for high-speed inkjet printing, offering exceptional print quality, precision, and versatility.

RetortPouch Recyclable - in use

Monomaterial barrier pouches

Mono material barrier pouches are our award-winning, flexible packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different barrier properties to protect the contents inside from external factors.

Advantage Semi Extensible & Semi Extensible Plus

Semi extensible sack kraft paper

Our Semi Extensible range includes Advantage Semi Extensible in white and brown grades. Advantage Speed and Advantage Speed White are high porosity grades for fast and dust-free filling. These grades offer high tensile energy absorption, excellent runnability on high-speed converting lines and selected grades are available in wet strength quality.


Monomaterial shaped pouches

Monomaterial shaped pouches have a specific form that differentiate your product from regular pouches. Due to the material structure used they are designed for recycling.


Monomaterial spouted pouches

Mono material spouted pouches combine the advantages of stand-up pouches with convenience for the end-user through the usage of a spout.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Packaging solutions for eCommerce

Explore our range of corrugated solutions designed specifically for eCommerce. Faster, safer packaging that will delight your customers.

Release Liner for Hygiene Applications

Release liner for hygiene applications

Sustainable and cost-effective paper-based release liners designed for customers’ specific adhesives, contribute to efficient self-adhesive hygiene solutions.

Kraft Paper for Technical Applications Group Shot

Kraft paper for technical applications

We offer a wide range of natural brown speciality kraft papers for diverse technical applications including saturating kraft papers.

DNS premium range of paper including reams, folio sheets and reels

DNS® | Digital printing paper

Our DNS® professional digital printing papers cater to all digital presses.

Release Liner for Labels

Release liner for labels

Using all kinds of base materials, and adjusting chemistry to customise release values, we offer tailor-made solutions that are sustainable by design.

Release Liner for Mailers

Release liner for mailers

Our reliable and low-cost release liners are the sticky solution for your self-adhesive envelope and document pouch needs.

RetortPouch Recyclable

Retortable monomaterial pouch

RetortPouch Recyclable is an award-winning monomaterial packaging. The innovative high-barrier film used instead of aluminium, keeps temperatures high and provides short processing times during the retort process.

Mondi eGrocery portfolio

eCommerce packaging for online grocery shopping

Mondi’s eGrocery offers clever designs with different bottom and closure options as well as inserts and easy opening and carrying solutions.

Release Liner for Tapes

Release liner for tapes

Mondi can be your one-stop-shop for all your liners used in self-adhesive tapes. Benefit from our large experience in base materials and state-of-the-art siliconizing technologies.

Mondi Rotatrim | The signature multifunctional office paper from South Africa

Rotatrim | Office paper

Mondi Rotatrim is our signature multifunctional office paper from South Africa, that runs smoothly through photocopiers, laser and inkjet printers.

IQ paper ream

IQ, MAESTRO® & Niveus® | Office paper

Explore our portfolio of office papers, offering top-quality and optimal performance with a strong commitment to sustainability.

MAESTRO PRINT reel professional printing paper | Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper

IQ & MAESTRO® | Professional printing paper

Explore our professional printing papers, offering top-quality and optimal performance with a strong commitment to sustainability.


IQ | Converting paper

Mondi offers uncoated wood free papers for value-added converting applications, such as envelope production, notebooks, office stationery & educational supplies, like sticky notes.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

eCommerce packaging for electronics & media

Discover our corrugated packaging solutions for packing and shipping electronics and media.

eCommerce packaging solutions for fashion

eCommerce packaging for fashion

Packaging innovation meets fashion finesse! From procurement to packing, our designs will excite your customers and ensure maximum protection for your products and returns as well.

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Explore our corrugated packaging solutions, that protect your fresh produce from field to shelf, and look great in retail store displays.

Kraft Paper Release Base Group shot

Kraft paper release base

Our MG grades offer excellent runnability, good dimensional stability, high stiffness and optimal surface properties for different coating and lamination applications.

Single material (only corrugated) or mixed material

Inserts and dividers

A diverse selection of inserts, interlayers, wedging, and filling materials offers exceptional protection during shipment for your packed items.

eCommerce packaging for universal end-uses

Large-volume containers

Transporting large products needs special care and attention. We have you covered with our specialised large-volume solutions.



These heavy-duty intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are a strong and lightweight alternative to big bags or metal crates for coarse and powdery products. Discover cardboard Octabin boxes by Mondi.

Shelf Ready Packaging Solutions

Shelf-ready packaging

Our shelf-ready packaging solutions are genuinely transformative, offering a great consumer experience that boosts retailers’ efficiency and sales target needs.

Small load carriers

Small load carriers

From storage warehouses to internal packing stations, our small load carriers (SLCs) are a big help with all your logistics processes.

Snug & Strong, a corrugated solution to pack white goods

Packaging for white goods

Mondi’s Snug&Strong is a custom-fit corrugated solution designed to replace EPS components in household appliance packaging.

beverage packing solutions

Wine and beverage packaging

We solve your unique bottle shipping challenge. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke solutions for safely getting your bottled products from A to B.