Kraft Paper for eCommerce Group shot
Kraft paper for eCommerce

Kraft paper for eCommerce

Our Advantage and EcoVantage eCommerce portfolio includes high quality brown, white and recycled paper grades. Ideal for non-food and food applications with direct food contact certifications. Our EcoVantage production can also offer closed loop possibilities for retailers.

  • Made from fresh and recycled fibres
  • Wide substance range available (starting from 70 gsm)
  • Extensive choice of grades with food contact certifications, multi-mill sourcing and closed loop possibilities on selected grades





Advantage eCom Kraft

Advantage eCom Kraft

Advantage eCom Kraft is one of our strong, tear-resistant brown papers for the eCommerce industry. It contains 100% fresh fibres with product features including high stiffness, good runnability and high mechanical strength.

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