Mondi’s commitment to boost saturating kraft paper gives customers the advantage

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5 December, 2023
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Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has expanded its range of saturating kraft paper and increased capacity, in order to improve and enhance its service to manufacturers of internal and external building panels, worktops, furniture and technical films.

With the previously announced investment in a new paper machine at its Štĕtí plant in the Czech Republic and further increases in production efficiency, Mondi will optimise capacity across its mill network, providing increased production of its saturating kraft, Advantage MF Boost, at Mondi Frantschach in Austria and Mondi Dynäs in Sweden. Both Frantschach and Dynäs mills are ideally placed to deliver short lead times across Europe and provide customers with reassurance of good service and production back-up. These changes signal Mondi's commitment to increase the availability of Advantage MF Boost – the kraft paper that is used in laminated applications.

Mondi has further made improvements in the efficiency of its paper machines running the saturating kraft paper, meaning enhanced formation, better drying properties and faster production. Ongoing R&D has also meant this quality paper is available in a larger product range, with lower and higher grammages to suit each individual customer need.

Mondi’s Advantage MF Boost is ideally suited for laminates due to its porous properties: the unbleached and natural brown kraft paper is created with responsibly sourced fresh fibres in Sweden and Austria and is available FSC® 1 or PEFC certified. Its long fibre pulp makes it highly absorbent, ideal for taking in and acting as a carrier for resin used to adhere the layers, essential to the final laminate.

We are very committed to boosting production of our Advantage MF Boost in order to serve the markets for decorative and compact laminates as well as industrial and technical films for plywood. Our existing infrastructure means we can produce and deliver this essential porous kraft paper globally, in suitable quantities, providing a reliable supply to all our existing and new customers.

- Roman Senecky, COO Kraft Paper, Mondi

1) Licencenumber FSC-C012179

Advantage boost flooring

Advantage MF Boost

Advantage MF Boost is a saturating kraft grade and suitable for diverse decorative and compact laminates. For converters, this grade offers excellent uniformity, product consistency and optimised resin absorption.

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