Sustainability is vital for every part of our business. Our sustainability framework, alignment with UN SDGs, partnerships, ratings and governance are the foundation for contributing to a better world.

Mondi South Africa women workers with tree seedlings

Sustainability is at the centre of our strategy

At Mondi, we recognise that we need to play our part in addressing challenges such as using resources efficiently, preventing food waste, tackling climate change, eliminating plastic pollution and providing safe and inspiring workplaces.  

We firmly believe that people are key in designing and executing the changes needed for a more sustainable future. Investing in our employees is as important as collaborating with partners across the value chain, scientific organisations and NGOs to convert research and findings into practical solutions and improved operations.

Scroll for insights on our sustainability framework, contribution to UN SDGs, partnerships, ratings and sustainability governance.  

Sustainability action areas

  • Products and solutions designed for a circular economy

    for paper-based, plastic, and hybrid

  • Safe workplaces and an empowering work culture

    for all Mondi employees across over 30 countries

  • Decisive climate action

    to minimise our environmental impacts and safeguard ecosystems

Mondi employees brainstorming

Collaboration & Growth

Given the scale and nature of the challenges we face, it’s only by working together that we will achieve the impact, innovation and scale necessary to bring about change.

Mondi production worker sorting paper bags

Ratings & rankings

Our sustainability performance is regularly disclosed in or received recognition by external corporate ratings and indices, including CDP, MSCI, ISS ESG and Sustainalytics.

Mondi CEO Andrew King talking with colleagues in plant

Governance & transparency

Robust governance systems, policies and a clear commitment to transparency guide our decision-making and underpin Mondi's resilience and success.

wood worker at Mondi Richardsbay

UN SDGs & Action

We have identified seven strategically most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are committed to contribute to them with our activities throughout the business.


Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) sets out the actions we take to meet our ambitious 2030 sustainability goals.

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