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Kraft Paper for Agriculture & Home Composting Group shot

Kraft paper for agriculture and home composting

Introducing our paper-based and fully compostable solutions designed for the home and agricultural industry. Made from high-quality, responsibly sourced Nordic fibres

Kraft Paper for eCommerce Group shot

Kraft paper for eCommerce

Our Advantage and EcoVantage eCommerce portfolio includes high quality brown, white and recycled paper grades. Ideal for non-food and food applications with direct food contact certifications. Our EcoVantage production can also offer closed loop possibilities for retailers.

Kraft Paper for eCommerce Cushioning & Tapes Group shot

Kraft paper for eCommerce cushioning and tapes

As part of our Kraft Paper for eCommerce portfolio we offer water-activated tapes, gummed tapes and cushioning paper, with product features designed to suit your specific needs.

Kraft Paper for Flexible Packaging for Beverages Group shot

Kraft paper for flexible packaging for beverages

Mondi's MF Kraft Paper grades are the strongest in our Advantage portfolio, offering stiffness that is ideal for converting machines and reliability when protecting beverages in transit.

Advantage Smooth White Strong

Kraft paper for flexible packaging for food

Our food contact certified kraft paper range for food, single portions, formed trays, and form-fill-seal applications. With high-quality white and brown grades offering high strength and good printability.

Kraft Paper for Food Service Group shot

Kraft paper for food service

Our food service paper grades are direct food contact certified, with substance grades starting from 28gsm, and offer good printability for branding and different surface quality options.

Advantage StretchWrap

Kraft paper for industrial and protective packaging

Our range offers superior strength, durability and stretch for reliable product protection during filling, handling and transit.

Ecovantage Kraft Pro

Kraft paper for retail

Our Advantage and EcoVantage Retail portfolio offers fit-for-purpose properties including high strength, excellent runnability and is direct food contact certified. Our EcoVantage production can also offer closed loop possibilities for retailers.

Kraft Paper for Technical Applications Group Shot

Kraft paper for technical applications

We offer a wide range of natural brown speciality kraft papers for diverse technical applications including saturating kraft papers.

Kraft Paper Release Base Group shot

Kraft paper release base

Our MG grades offer excellent runnability, good dimensional stability, high stiffness and optimal surface properties for different coating and lamination applications.