Release Liner for Labels
Release liner for labels

Release liner for labels

Using all kinds of base materials, and adjusting chemistry to customise release values, we offer tailor-made solutions that are sustainable by design.

  • Tailor-made solutions (release value, printing possibilities, finishing)
  • One-stop-shop: film, paper, extrusion, top coating, liner-less
  • Backwards integration





Glassine SCK

Glassine SCK

Glassines are the most used release liner for labels with grammages varying between 35gsm and 120gsm. They are highly calendared, cost effective and offer excellent die-cutting and a high level of transparency. They are not only heat resistant but offer also other excellent physical properties like good dimensional stability and excellent tear and breaking strength that is optimal for automatic high-speed dispensing. They are available in different colours.

Protecting what sticks... and the planet

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