Making release liner more sustainable

The future of sustainable labels is now, and Mondi is your partner in driving this change

Release Liners


The world of release liners faces pressing sustainability challenges. These liners heavily rely on virgin materials, straining resources. Inefficient recycling systems contribute to significant wastage. Despite some being technically recyclable, liners often end up incinerated. With consumer and regulatory pressure, demand for sustainable alternatives is increasing. 

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our pioneering efforts in tackling these challenges encompass a multi-faceted approach. We're committed to sustainability, using renewable and responsibly sourced resources, integrating recycled fibres, and exploring innovative alternative coatings for our release liners. Through our integrated value chain and diverse technologies, we are uniquely positioned to offer paper and plastic-based solutions.

Our sustainable offering



Next best thing - PCK liners made with the planet in mind

NextLiner is the world’s first range of sustainable polycoated kraft (PCK) paper release liner. These liners are produced with 100% recycled base papers and a coating made from up to 100% renewable resources, which results in up to 60% lower CO2 emissions than standard PCK release liners.


  • available in plain & with structured surfaces
  • no change of silicone system needed
  • water based logo print under PE for individual branding