AirXLiner Cannel system Release Liner for Graphic Arts AirXLiner
Release liner for graphic arts Release liner for graphic arts Release liner for graphic arts Release liner for graphic arts

Release liner for graphic arts

Mondi's innovative release liner for car wrapping, advertising films, in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

  • Excellent lay-flat characteristics
  • Adjustable degrees of rigidity
  • Structured liner available for utmost results





Smooth operator

Mondi's innovative AirXLiner™ offers an easy release, paint-like finish to wrap your next masterpiece in.

By focusing on the three pillars of air egress, the ability to slide and reposition the wrap, and the invisibility of its performance features, we can offer the perfect, bubble-free surface you need.

AirXLiner air egress functionality
Air egress

No more bubbles

Mondi's AirXLiner™ presses a system of microscopic canals onto the adhesive layer of the film during the production process, creating canals to release trapped air. If bubbles form when the film is applied to your surface, you can easily push them out. No air release tool required.

AirXLiner slide and reposition functionality
Slide and reposition

Wriggle room

Air canals aren't the only thing you'll find when AirXLiner™ is under the microscope. We have added thousands of tiny peaks that keep most of the adhesive from touching your surface, allowing the wrap to slide easily until firm pressure if applied. And even then, AirXLiner's matte adhesive enables the wrap to be removed and repositioned, until it sets 24 hours later.

AirXLiner invisability functionality

Flawless finish

Our advanced technology not only provides the air canals, peak and matte adhesive to provide a smooth, sliding and repositionable finish, it makes these features invisible. By absorbing the shallow channels into its adhesive layer after application, AirXLiner achieves a paint-like finish

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