Protective Flexible Paper Bags in-use Protective Flexible Paper Bags for Matresses Protector Bags for Automotive
Protective flexible paper bags Protective flexible paper bags Protective flexible paper bags

Protective flexible paper bags

Enjoy our flexible paper packaging solutions Protector Bags for bulky, sensitive, or irregularly shaped items. Multiple layers of durable kraft paper ensure high product protection while being environmentally friendly.

  • Reduced packaging material and handling costs
  • Protection against any impact or deformation due to multi-layers of kraft paper
  • Optimised use of space





Protector Bags for the automotive industry

Protector Bags for automotive

Protector Bags StrongFlex and StrongForm are sustainable, flexible packaging solutions for bulky and sensitive items like bumpers, grills, fenders, mirrors, windows and many more. StrongFlex is a stiff but flexible bag which ensures that the bulky items retain their original shape during transportation. StrongForm is the strongest of our bag versions, making it ideal for sensitive thin items. Both bags have a high bending stiffness and puncture resistance for optimal transport and storage protection, while helping to reduce storage and shipping volume. An integrated closing flap rounds up this innovative offer.

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