Life cycle assessment finds 43% reduced climate impact for Mondi’s Hug&Hold

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28 May, 2024
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Hug&Hold, bottel bundle paper packaging

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has commissioned and completed a life cycle assessment (LCA) for its ground-breaking paper-based Hug&Hold solution, to determine its environmental impact compared to that of conventional low-density polyethylene shrink wrap for six 1.5 litre PET beverage bottles.

Hug&Hold is an innovative, sustainable and fully recyclable solution to replace plastic shrink wrap on the PET bottle bundle packs. It comprises two elements - a kraft paper sleeve to provide secure and safe transportation and a corrugated carrying handle that firmly holds the bottles around the neck, featuring an integrated handle for convenience and strength.  

Mondi commissions critically reviewed and ISO-compliant LCAs to assess the products’ life cycle impacts, using the Environmental Footprint (EF) method. A total of 16 indicators have been assessed, from raw material acquisition and production and end of life treatment (typical disposal in the EU27). 

The assessment shows that Hug&Hold has lower impacts in the categories of climate change, fossil resource use, photochemical ozone formation, acidification, ionising radiation, water use and eutrophication of freshwater. The overall carbon footprint is 43% lower than average LDPE virgin plastic shrink wrap and 15% lower than LDPE shrink wrap with 100% recycled content, meaning it can be recommended to reduce the climate change impacts of packaging while providing a strong solution for the customer and end user. 

Mondi values independent critical reviews and a data-driven route to help customers assess the environmental impact of their products. This LCA on Hug&Hold delivers on that. The results play a vital role in our customers’ decision-making process, which ensures that we keep creating sustainable solutions in line with our MAP2030 (Mondi Action Plan 2030) commitments, providing effective and creative solutions – that are sustainable by design and successful in application.

Silvia Hanzelova, Sales Director Speciality Kraft Paper  

Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director Corrugated Solutions, said: "We are proud to see our Hug&Hold solution outperform conventional LDPE shrink wrap in multiple environmental categories. This result highlights our ongoing commitment to developing forward-thinking, eco-friendly packaging solutions. In choosing Hug&Hold, our partners can achieve their environmental objectives without compromising packaging quality and reliability."

Mondi will host a live webinar on the beverage packaging market incl. Hug&Hold and its sustainability benefits on 5 June 2024 at 2pm. You can register for the free webinar here

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Hug&Hold paper-based packaging

Advantage MF SpringPack Plus

Mondi's strongest paper grade, Advantage MF SpringPack Plus offers high tensile strength and excellent stiffness, ideal for high-speed converting machines. The Hug-IT sleeve is made of Advantage SpringPack Plus and holds enough weight to strap and stabilise bottles during transport.


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