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Automotive logistics packaging Automotive logistics packaging

Automotive logistics packaging

Explore corrugated solutions for transporting automotive components, from standard transport designs to specialised configurations.

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Overcoming supply chain hurdles

The logistics experts of car makers and tier suppliers operate in a complex distribution chain that often spans the globe. Among the hurdles that corrugated solutions can help you to overcome are trade and tax regulations, onward distribution involving inconsistent quantities, and shipping costs.

The endless possibilities offered by high design flexibility allow us to develop transport and distribution packaging according to your engineering and distribution specifics.

From metal body parts, engines and windscreens to airbags and headliners, we ensure that your knock-down kits and individual packages are transported and arrive safely and intact.

Our logistics solutions for the automotive industry make better use of shipping space, support two-step distribution, and serve as lightweight one-way shipping alternatives. They perfectly protect every packaged item, no matter how heavy or large.

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