Circular Driven Solutions

We are committed to innovative packaging and paper solutions that keep materials in circulation and avoid waste.

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Creating sustainable packaging and paper

Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow. As a key part of Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) we are committed to make 100% of our packaging and paper portfolio reusable, recyclable or compostable (based on revenue), with 85% achieved in 2023.  

Our focus lies on innovation to develop new solutions, keep materials in circulation and engage with customers and partners to drive progress at scale. We consider the environmental impacts of our products at each stage of the value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials, to material efficiency, product design and safety and a sustainable end-of-life. 


of our revenue is from packaging and paper products that are reusable, recyclable or compostable based on our Path to Circularity Scorecard


reduction of specific waste to landfill from our manufacturing processes since 2020


Worldstar Packaging Awards won for our sustainable products and solutions

2023 circular driven solutions highlights

Insights on our circular driven solutions

Our team unpacks sustainability at Mondi and shares why they are excited about our MAP2030 and the opportunities it provides.

Our solutions commitments, targets and performance

Make our packaging and paper solutions reusable, recyclable and or compostable


100% of our packaging and paper products are reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025

Behind target

2023 performance

Based on revenue in 2023, 85% of our portfolio of packaging and paper solutions is reusable, recyclable or compostable (82% in 2022).

Our focus continues to be on our Flexible Packaging products, as 100% of the portfolios from our Corrugated Packaging and Uncoated Fine Paper businesses are already recyclable or compostable. By the end of 2023, we had a sustainable alternative in place, or identified and in development, for 94% of our Flexible Packaging products, with the ambition to achieve 100% by 2025.

In 2023, we conducted product impact assessments (PIAs) for 1,145 products, and calculated 146 Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs).

Avoid waste by keeping materials in circulation

Work with others to eliminate unsustainable packaging

Circularity at Mondi

Our approach to circularity

We keep sustainability at the centre of our innovation and R&D efforts. Our approach to circularity encompasses several key elements, including how we design our products, how we measure our progress across our portfolio, our product impact assessments, R&D and innovation capabilities, in-house laboratories and cross-value chain collaborations with customers and suppliers.

See two of these key elements, our ‘Sustainable Design Principles’ and our ‘Path to Circularity Scorecard’, illustrated below or download our Circularity at Mondi PDF.  

Circularity at Mondi infographic

Product LCA

Our product life cycle assessment (LCA) tools help our customers understand the environmental impacts of product and packaging solutions.

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