Product Life Cycle Assessment

Our product life cycle assessment (LCA) helps our customers understand the environmental impacts of products and packaging solutions.

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Taking informed product decision

Consumers across the globe call on companies and brands to lead the way to more sustainable consumption and a circular economy. Clear and credible information on the environmental footprint of product and packaging solutions will enable better decision-making. 

Mondi supports customers with tailored and science-based assessments on the environmental impacts of products and packaging solutions:  

  • A range of different tools and parameters to better understand the environmental impacts of paper-based packaging, flexible packaging, and hybrid solutions.

  • Life cycle-based analysis with tailored information including climate impact (carbon), water scarcity and other sustainability performance indicators.

  • These tools and expert analysis support better decision-making for solutions that are sustainable by design.

Holistic thinking

At Mondi, we have a unique understanding of potential trade-offs between packaging materials given our wide range of paper-based and flexible plastic packaging solutions. With our Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) we are committed to make 100% of our packaging and paper solutions reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.  

With our holistic thinking and assortment of tools and KPIs to assess a product’s environmental impact, we support our customers in making more sustainable decisions and thereby help them to meet their own sustainability goals. 

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What is a life cycle assessment?

A life cycle assessment (LCA) helps to understand the sources of environmental impacts throughout an entire life cycle of a product or packaging solution - from raw material acquisition through production, use and end-of-life treatment, such as recycling, incinerating and landfilling. With so many aspects to consider, we are collaborating closely with our customers to assess the environmental impacts of different packaging solutions. See our illustration of stages that might be considered in a life cycle assessment. It also contains examples of key drivers of impacts at each stage.

Our range of life cycle assessment tools

The Mondi “Product Impact Assessment” (PIA) tool offers life cycle-based analyses for flexible packaging, hybrid and paper-based solutions from our converting operations. In addition to carbon and water scarcity, the tool also features key performance indicators addressing aspects in sustainable design of products, such as ‘share of renewable content‘, ‘designed for recycling‘ or ‘share of recycled content‘.

Read more about our life-cycle tools
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Review of our methods and calculation approach

Sustainable solutions

We apply a customer-centric approach to all our products and solutions using paper where possible, plastic when useful.

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