MAP2030 framework

Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) is our sustainability framework that sets out the actions we need to take to meet our ambitious sustainability goals by 2030.

Mondi Richardsbay production workers outside of plant

Our sustainability commitments, targets and responsible business practices

Our focus on circular driven solutions, created by empowered people, taking action on climate enables us to have the most positive impact through our business. Each action area is underpinned by commitments and targets with milestones in 2025, or earlier, to monitor and communicate our progress. 

Our responsible business practices underpin our action areas and encompass important the topics community engagement, responsible procurement and human rights. 

MAP2030 framework

MAP2030 action areas

  • Circular Driven Solution

    Innovative packaging and paper solutions that keep materials in circulation and avoid waste

  • Empowered People

    An empowered and inclusive team that contributes to a better world

  • Taking Action on Climate

    Climate resilience through our forests and operations for the future of the planet

Responsible Business Practices

Mondi CEO Andrew King

CEO statement

“Since its launch in 2021, we've made great progress in embedding MAP2030 across the organisation in the way we make decisions and how we approach our different activities. The delivery against our sustainability commitments is essential to create sustainable value for Mondi and our diverse stakeholders into the future.”

Andrew King, Mondi Group CEO


When developing MAP2030 and shaping our sustainability commitments to 2030, we engaged with our employees, customers, investors, partners, peers and other key stakeholders.

We also took into consideration the successes and learnings from the previous decades. 

Sustainability reporting suite

Learn more about the progress against our MAP2030 commitments and targets in our annual Sustainable Development reports.

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