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Corrugated pallets Corrugated pallets Corrugated pallets

Corrugated pallets

The Mondi corrugated pallet is a strong, lightweight, paper-based alternative to wooden or plastic pallets.

  • Lower transportation and storage costs
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of transport
  • Safe handling thanks to absence of nails and sharp edges





  • Corrugated pallet weights from 1.5 to 5 kg
        • From 600 x 400 mm with four feet (max. load 200 kg) up to 1200 x 1000 mm with 18 feet (max. load 1000 kg)


Lightweight alternative to the Europallet

The paper-based alternative pallet for transport and point-of sale (POS) applications offers maximum strength while reducing height and weight compared to wooden pallets. Various options are available to ensure the pallet suits your supply chain environment. We offer wet-strength or coated paper for sea freight, oversized or small formats and variants for shipping extremely heavy items.

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