Mondi collaborates with partners to replace PolyStyrene (EPS) and lead the change on white goods packaging

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22 November, 2023
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Snug & Strong: Recyclable, efficient, and sustainable

Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) microplastics are widely recognised as a significant contributor to marine plastic pollution, making up over 40% of plastic debris on Asian beaches.1

Bans on EPS packaging have gained tremendous momentum recently, particularly in the European Union and the wider Caribbean region.2,3 Legislation banning the use of EPS packaging has also been introduced in Fiji, the Philipines, and regions in the United States, just to name a few.4,5,6 

With the ongoing development of the United Nations Treaty on Plastic Pollution, governments from over 170 nations are working toward policy measures to combat the negative environmental impacts of hard-to-recycle plastics. The introduction of bans, levies, and increased disposal fees for EPS packaging materials will continue to be on trend for the foreseeable future, especially in regions lacking recycling infrastructure. 

Corrugated Packaging: A sustainable alternative 

Corrugated packaging solutions are 100% recyclable, making them the ideal packaging material. What’s more, Mondi’s corrugated packaging solutions includes a wide portfolio of corrugated boxes made of recycled fibres. Paper-based packaging boasts an impressive 82.5% recycling rate in Europe, outperforming the combined recycling rates of all other packaging materials.7 The recycling value of corrugated packaging has enormous potential worldwide. Paper fibre can be recycled with good quality many times, keeping fibres in circulation.8,9 

As a partner for sustainable growth, Mondi material and design experts are developing high-performance, corrugated solutions to enable a shift toward circular packaging for white goods and electronic equipment. Industries have long relied on crumble-prone EPS material to protect valuable goods. Until now, replacing EPS materials with paper-based solutions was prohibitive from a cost perspective, but extended producer responsibility mandates have transformed economic factors.

Snug & Strong: Recyclable, efficient, and sustainable

There is no silver bullet when it comes to white goods and electronic packaging – EPS can chip or break during transport, resulting in costly product damage and returns. When designing Snug&Strong corrugated solutions, Mondi gather an entire team of experts to collaborate with customers to understand their production line and packaging requirements. Whether developing a recyclable, multi-material packaging concept or creating a plan to gradually replace EPS components over an extended period – through collaboration it is possible to find sustainable and viable solutions.   

Snug & Strong: Recyclable, efficient, and sustainable.

By setting out to replace EPS materials in packaging, manufacturers have a unique opportunity when partnering with Mondi to create fully recyclable packaging solutions while also optimising and automating their packaging processes. Fit-for-purpose recyclable packaging satisfies consumer demands for sustainability, and fulfils upcoming legislative requirements.  

Balancing protection, cost, and sustainability 

Mondi’s Snug&Strong corrugated solution can do more: it can ease supply chain complexity, improve packaging processes, and help brands be more environmentally friendly. The custom-fit, 100% paper-based industrial packaging offers excellent protection for white goods and electronic equipment. Additionally, Snug&Strong is delivered flat and requires less space than traditional EPS packaging, making the component solution easier to handle and less expensive to store and transport. 

It is not always easy to strike a good balance between protection, cost, and sustainability when it comes to packaging. Mondi’s Snug&Strong corrugated solution, however, is a cost-efficient and viable alternative to EPS when considering the total cost of ownership.

Join the Movement 

Together, let’s lead the change with corrugated solutions to replace expanded polystyrene in packaging. To learn more, visit

A new corrugated solution

Replacing EPS in White Goods Packaging

Snug&Strong - the sustainable alternative to polystyrene. Let's lead the change together.

Replacing EPS in White Goods Packaging.