Replacing EPS in white goods packaging

Corrugated solutions offer a sustainable alternative to expanded polystyrene (or EPS) packaging


The 62% problem

Picture the scene. Your new appliance has arrived, and you want to dispose of the packaging responsibly. You can easily recycle the cardboard in the relevant bins. But where do you put the polystyrene? You want to do the right thing, but there’s just nowhere to put it. Because of this, a shocking 62% of polystyrene packaging ends up in incineration or landfill, in Europe alone. True, EPS can be recycled. But there just aren’t the local collection systems in place yet to deal with it.

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Fragile and messy

You also know that EPS is fragile, and crumbly when it breaks. As well as the environmental risk (microplastics also contaminate rivers and seas), the electrostatic spheres can play havoc with your production process and packaging machinery. And how safe are your goods while they’re transported? Even small chips on corners or dents in EPS can damage products and trigger claims from customers. At the very least, it raises questions for them about quality and safety.

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A new unboxing moment

Now imagine a different scenario: the smile on a customer’s face when they’re unboxing their new product (in perfect condition) and they know they’re doing the right thing by the environment. Well, that’s possible with Mondi’s corrugated packaging solution. Our alternative is easier to recycle than EPS. It’s fibre based, responsibly sourced from renewable materials and meets FSC and PEFC standards if needed. You can also be sure your products will arrive without damage because corrugated material provides excellent protection during transit. (We test the strength and quality of our packaging rigorously at our specialist lab.)




Let's lead the change together!

Making the transition to our corrugated packaging couldn’t be easier because you can tailor it to suit your existing production lines and logistics set-up. So why not take the next step and become part of our packaging revolution. You’re bound to delight your customers even more.

How can we help?

Ready to say goodbye to EPS? Dawid Baƛniak, our packaging whiz, will show you how. Contact him now.

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