Snug & Strong, a corrugated solution to pack white goods
Packaging for white goods

Packaging for white goods

Mondi’s Snug&Strong is a custom-fit corrugated solution designed to replace EPS components in household appliance packaging.

  • Multi-component solution
  • Replace one element at a time
  • 100% tailored to your production and logistics requirements




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More than sustainable

Corrugated packaging solutions are 100% recyclable and made with at least 60% recycled fibres. When partnering with Mondi, manufacturers have a unique opportunity to optimise and automate their packaging processes. Beyond packaging that is easy to recycle, Mondi’s Snug&Strong corrugated solution can also ease supply chain complexity and handling requirements.

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Finding a perfect balance

Total cost of ownership and excellent protection are equally crucial as recyclability when designing sustainable white goods packaging. Whether developing fully recyclable or multi-material concepts – we work with you to create a cost-efficient solution for replacing EPS packaging.  

How can we help?

Ready to say goodbye to EPS? Dawid Baśniak, our packaging whiz, will show you how. Contact him now.

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