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Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging

Explore our corrugated packaging solutions, that protect your fresh produce from field to shelf, and look great in retail store displays.

  • Sustainable by design
  • Excellent protection
  • Easy handling


  • Easy to dispose of
  • Fast flattening
  • Low waste volume
  • Made from a single material



Grow & Go

Explore our most popular fresh produce packaging solutions, or get in touch for a customised solution tailored to your needs!


Coral Tray

A new packaging tray for transporting fresh produce, like tomatoes. It keeps fresh produce visible, as consumers prefer, while also offering the strength and stability to safely transport and stack damage-prone fruits and vegetables.

Packaging solutions for stationary retail

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Discover our shelf-ready and retail-ready packaging solutions that delight your customers while guaranteeing an efficient and safe replenishment process.

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