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Shelf-ready packaging Shelf-ready packaging Shelf-ready packaging Shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready packaging

Our shelf-ready packaging solutions are genuinely transformative, offering a great consumer experience that boosts retailers’ efficiency and sales target needs.

  • Perfect product presentation in the tray
  • Quick restocking
  • Fast dismantling for disposal purposes


  • Helps store staff to identify products in stock that need to be shelved
  • Opening systems support clean, fast, safe and accurate opening
  • Sturdy, maintains its shape, prevents products from falling or tipping over, and ensures good stackability and shelf space utilisation
  • Customers can quickly recognise brands and different product types
  • Fast flattening, low waste volume, made from a single material



An investment that pays off – savings included

In light of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) is one of the packaging types with various benefits along the supply chain. To ensure our designs unlock their full potential, we maintain close cooperation with retailers and producers. 


TwinBox Classic

TwinBox is a concept that joins protective transport covers to shelf-ready trays using advanced adhesive technology. It offers all the benefits of a one-piece transport and shelf packaging system without any perforation.

Shelf-ready packaging for Darbo

Discover how Darbo - the iconic Austrian fruit preserves company - found the right packaging solution to fulfil its premium standard and meet its sustainability goals.

Corrugated packaging solution for Darbo
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Discover our shelf-ready and retail-ready packaging solutions that delight your customers while guaranteeing an efficient and safe replenishment process.

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