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FlexiBags are pre-made, reclosable packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different thicknesses, barrier properties and features, including customisable sizes and bottom constructions.

  • Easy to handle and store for the end user
  • Suitable for a filling weight of up to 20 kg
  • Excellent printability for an attractive shelf appearance


  • Different material variants (thickness, mono- or co-extruded films)
  • Different closure systems (zipper, top/ front slider, hook-and-loop) and bottom variants (standard, folded, flat) available
  • Linear tear with or without perforation
  • Side gusset handle possible
  • High fat, aroma and moisture barrier (EVOH), even a 100% airtight variant is possible
  • Shelf stability
  • Excellent printability on all sides including bottom, for attractive shelf appearance (HD flexo & roto up to 10 colours) with glossy or matt finish options
  • Longitudinal sealing seams
  • Suitable for filling on existing packaging lines, from top and bottom





FlexiBag is a pre-made flexible packaging with a structure made of PET/PE or PET/PETmet/PE material.

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