Pinch Bottom Bags
Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom bags are the best solutions for medium and big contents. A stable bottom is formed when the bags is filled and enables attractive product display at the point of sale.

  • Excellent sealing properties (available with thermo sealed bottom and corners)
  • Variety of barrier options
  • Optimal palletisation


  • Heat seal closure offers airtight sealing on both ends which protects the product from external agents and makes for sift proof packaging
  • Barrier options available with coated material, laminated or free film between the paper plies, or greaseproof paper
  • Optimal palletisation thanks to the square bottom and the tapered form of the bag after filling
  • The square bottom shape, in combination with the bag tapering to the top, offers an attractive product presentation
  • Hermetic bottom closure thanks to a thermo-sealed bottom and corners
  • Available with different finishes (matte/glossy)
  • Integrated tear-open strip for easy opening possible
  • Highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label available



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