Our Employee Survey captures views on Mondi as an employer

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25 April, 2024
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Mondi employees

It is important to regularly engage with employees to better understand their needs and concerns. We use formal and informal processes to listen to and interact with our employees, including our intranet, local engagement sessions, virtual events for all colleagues, management dialogues and pulse surveys as well as our Group-wide Employee Survey.

Our Employee Survey supports us to measure our progress towards our MAP2030 Empowered People commitments, among other aspects like employee engagement. We conduct global surveys every second year. In the interim, operations are encouraged to follow up on specific areas with targeted local pulse surveys or other listening initiatives. 

In 2023, we have redesigned our Employee Survey to better capture employee views, with more relatable questions for employees, a new methodology and an adapted composition of our indices. We have a new baseline for our Purposeful Workplace Index, Inclusiveness Index and – for the first time – our Wellbeing Index, which includes views on the work environment, team organisation, work–life experience and mental wellbeing. We achieved an 80% response rate, with more than 16,800 employees participating in the survey, providing us with feedback on what they like about working at Mondi and areas of improvement: 

  • We achieved a 79% score in the Purposeful Workplace Index with questions covering development opportunities, recognition and personal accomplishment. Most of our employees say that their job gives them a sense of meaning and purpose. Our employees appreciate how well work is organised and feel they have the information to do their jobs well and the opportunity to continuously learn and develop.
  • Our Inclusiveness index covers respect, fairness and trust and we achieved a score of 77% in 2023. 
  • A noteworthy 83% of employees confirm that we listen and care about what others have to say in their teams. However, there is a slight drop in employees feeling recognised for their efforts and achievements and how comfortable they feel to speak openly. These are future focus areas.
  • As we have adapted the underlying questions of the Purposeful Workplace and Inclusiveness index to be more relatable to employees, we do not compare results versus the last Employee Survey in 2020. 

2023 sustainability report

See our 2023 sustainability report and indices and read about our committments and performance against our action areas and targets.

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