Modernising our wastewater treatment plant in Slovakia

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20 March, 2023
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In 2022, Mondi invested in a new anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment plant at its pulp and paper mill in Ru┼żomberok (Slovakia). Anaerobic wastewater treatment is a solution to treat waste water containing higher amounts of organic residues (COD). It also delivers valuable biogas, which is used for energy generation. Excess anaerobic biosludge is transformed into anaerobic pellets, which are sold as secondary raw materials.

As a Group, we used in total 215 million m³ of contact and non-contact water in our operations and discharged 92% back to the ocean or rivers in 2022. All waste water generated from production processes is treated in on- and/or off-site wastewater treatment plants before being discharged to ensure the waste water quality meets regulatory requirements. 

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