Mondi anniversary: Color Copy digital colour printing paper celebrates 35 years

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  • Color Copy for perfect print quality and brilliant, true colour – a success in the industry since 35 years
  • Color Copy range expanded for high-speed inkjet printing
  • Proven sustainability based on FSCTM, EU Ecolabel and Cradle-to-Cradle certification

Color Copy, the premium paper from Mondi for laser and inkjet printing, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Since its introduction in 1989, Color Copy has become an essential part of any digital print project, from business documents and marketing materials to creative products. This premium digital colour printing paper offers perfect print quality, high colour brilliance and excellent detail retention. In honour of this anniversary, Mondi has expanded the product range to include additional Color Copy papers for high-speed inkjet printing on reel stock. Color Copy is also a pioneer of sustainability. It was the first digital printing paper to earn FSCTM certification and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze level. Color Copy further meets all EU Ecolabel criteria. Mondi strives to reduce emissions generated in production and has slashed greenhouse gas emissions by 45% Group-wide since 2004. While the remaining CO2 emissions are unavoidable at this time, Mondi has offered the option of compensating for them when purchasing Color Copy since as far back as 2010.

Off the reel 

Color Copy is suitable for a range of digital printing applications, and more were added over the years as new formats, weights and optimisations were introduced, including A4 and a number of digital printing formats.

In addition to Color Copy original in sheet format, Mondi now offers three new Color Copy papers off the reel for high-speed inkjet printing applications:

  • Color Copy original (inkjet reels): The smooth, high white, uncoated high-speed inkjet reels are ideally suited to commercial printing, including books and manuals. The paper is available in grammages of 70 to 160 g/m². Its low bulk of 1.1 makes it ideal for thin manuals.
  • Color Copy jet silk: This satiny smooth paper for commercial printing and book production is available in weights of 70 to 240 g/m². The thin paper can be used for narrow book spines and requires fewer reel changes in production.
  • Color Copy Jet Silk Premium: This satiny, pigmented paper, in grammages from 90 bis 250 g/m², is the right choice for printers who want to use silky soft, smooth papers in high-speed inkjet printing and for special applications.

We are unbelievably proud that Color Copy has been a leading brand in the digital printing industry for the last 35 years”, says Bernhard Cantzler, Marketing & Sales Director for Uncoated Fine Paper at Mondi. “Since its introduction, Color Copy has set standards in quality and performance, and become an essential tool for printing professionals around the world.”

A success in use 

Color Copy is in use in countless printing businesses all over the world. These customers, such as Helios Guzzi Printers in Milan, express total satisfaction with the digital colour printing paper. Co-owner Sabrina Guzzi reports: “In the early Nineties, we started using Color Copy because it was the best paper on the market for digital colour printing—and it still is today. It is always up-to-date. Whenever new systems come out on the market, Color Copy is ready for them with the right paper.”

DESI Group Digital Printers in Trecate, Italy, likewise rely on Color Copy. “We were looking for a paper grade with a silky smooth surface and discovered Color Copy. Its colour performance is breathtaking, and customers appreciate the product we can offer them, although it is digital print”, says co-owner Andrea De Bei.

Promotional events to mark 35th anniversary

In celebration of Color Copy’s anniversary, Mondi has launched a marketing campaign, giveaways and a prize drawing for sellers, re-sellers and printing businesses.


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