Technical upgrades at Mondi Neusiedler to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its pulp production by over 20%

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12 January, 2024
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  • Mondi recently announced an investment of 20 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and strengthen operational safety at its Neusiedler mill.
  • The investment includes an upgrade of the pulp mill´s recovery boiler, pulp dryer, steam accumulator and steam turbine. 
  • This supports Mondi´s ambitious MAP2030 sustainability commitments with an estimated reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by over 20%, NOx emissions by up to 10% and gas consumption by around 25%.

In April 2023, Mondi announced an investment programme for its uncoated fine paper mill in Lower Austria, Mondi Neusiedler, to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase operational safety at the mill.

We are happy to confirm that projects totalling €20 million have now been clearly defined and approved with work already in progress. These upgrades will help Mondi Neusiedler to reduce the pulp mill´s greenhouse gas emissions by over 20%, while also reducing NOx emissions by up to 10% and gas consumption by around 25%.

- Sakari Eloranta, Technical Director Uncoated Fine Paper at Mondi. 

The investment programme includes upgrades of the recovery boiler, pulp dryer, steam accumulator and steam turbine at the pulp mill in Kematen an der Ybbs, where Mondi Neusiedler produces sulphite pulp. Most of the mill´s energy comes from a recovery boiler which generates steam that supplies the mill with renewable energy. The objective of the technical upgrades is to generate more steam by increasing the efficiency of the recovery boiler. The surplus steam will be used for the pulp dryer, which previously used natural gas as an energy source, and therefore will be operated emissions-free in the future. A further benefit is that the turbine will be able to generate more green electricity from the additional steam output.

This investment supports Mondi’s ambitious sustainability commitments, MAP2030, including its science-based Net-Zero targets. The investment programme is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The projects are funded with support from the European Union - NextGenerationEU.  

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