Including PCR content in plastic packaging

PCR plastic content, or post-consumer recycled content is becoming increasingly important for companies looking to transition to more sustainable plastic packaging without sacrificing important features. New regulations also demand a sustainable end-of-life for packaging and customers are calling for a more sustainable packaging for their purchases.

PCR plastic content

From waste to ressource

Mondi leads the way in sustainable packaging with PCR plastic content. PCR content in packaging promotes circularity, reduces virgin material extraction, and ensures regulatory compliance while still meeting packaging requirements, including convenience, safety and effective barrier protection and remaining cost-effective. We're committed to integrating PCR content using our expertise and integrated supply chain, catering to industries like home/personal care, food, and pet food.

We recognise the importance of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in plastic packaging to drive sustainability and our approach offers practical solutions for our customers.

Mondi's Approach

We have the right know-how integrated supply chain supports

We collaborate closely with our customers

We control the recipes of our resins and extrude our own films,

We comply with environmental standards and regulations

We ensure that the PCR content used in our packaging meets the highest safety and quality standards


Mondi Action Plan 2030

Making a positive impact through circular driven solutions, created by empowered people, taking action on climate.

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