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Mondi Štĕtí a.s.

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Mondi Štĕtí a.s.
Litoměřická 272
41108 Štětí, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 416 801 111

About Mondi Štĕtí

Welcome to Mondi Štětí, a dynamic hub for quality and innovation in the paper industry. We focus on producing sustainable and high-quality paper materials. With safety, health and satisfaction of our customers and employees being our highest priorities.

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What we do

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

At Mondi Štětí, we care not only about our employees, but also about our surroundings. For several years now, we have been helping the region with our Patriot, Environmental Challenge and Non-Profit Day projects, where staff volunteers help where they are needed. We also participate in the cleaning of public spaces in our vicinity through corporate ECO days. We cooperate with the representatives of the city of Štětí on the development of the surroundings and together we build a place where we enjoy living.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

We support local non-profit organizations, sports clubs and educational institutions. We have long been involved in supporting students and graduates of high schools and universities who can join the Mondi Štětí team as part-time employees or interns.You can find more about social responsibility programs in Mondi Štětí here.

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Sustainability and safety certificates

If you need information about specific Quality and/or Hygiene certificates, please contact your Mondi sales representative.

Chain of custody
Mondi Štĕtí a.s.
Valid until 15 November, 2026
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ISO 50001 (EN)
Mondi Štĕtí a.s.
Valid until 3 October, 2024
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Mondi Štĕtí a.s.
Valid until 24 November, 2024
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ISO 14001 (EN)
Mondi Štĕtí a.s.
Valid until 31 July, 2026
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