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2 November, 2022
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Technical Support at your fingertips

Find solutions to your containerboard industry challenges in one digital space and achieve operational excellence.

You’re wondering how you’ll quickly find answers to operational challenges. It’s tough to keep up with industry news and trends with such an overload of information. We get it. And that is why we created the Corrugated Paper Expert: An exclusive hub of containerboard industry problem-solving tools and the place to source industry trends. Find out how the platform can make your life easier and help you to drive operational efficiencies.

Great service requires great listening skills. Five years ago, having listened to our customers’ specific production needs, we created a digital platform to expand our technical sales services. While personal consultations and live seminars continue to be part of the mix, we also believe in the power of connection and knowledge sharing online. From webinars and coaching to a customised performance simulator and a tailored library of content – that’s our fully responsive tool that’s accessible 24/7, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Whether you are a containerboard beginner or an advanced corrugator, there is content for all levels in our rich ecosystem of resources: information, advice and support shared in 15 webinars, 154 articles and three interactive tools which we are bringing to you in six languages, with a seventh language to follow in 2023. You can use the platform for problem-solving and learning, and to facilitate internal training in your teams.

We view every interaction that comes our way as a privilege. We know that it means someone took time out of their day to learn and get in touch. It’s a place to have an initial conversation, and think about what we could do differently or better together. The Corrugated Paper Expert facilitates these interactions and we are happy to be celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Serhiy Luzan, Head of Technical Sales Services at Mondi Containerboard

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Join our containerboard community helping each other get better

When it comes to technical problems, exchanging ideas and advice with peers is highly valuable. Sometimes that might take place in the digital landscape, sometimes you might prefer to connect with a community of professionals tackling similar challenges. We are here for you, on-site and online.

If you’ve not yet familiarised yourself with the platform, register here to find out more.