Challenge accepted: Rethinking the possibilities of paper packaging with Mondi Containerboard

13 February, 2024
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Olympic skateboarder Julia Bruckler performing an ollie over a carboard box with

What is containerboard and why is it so important for our everyday lives? Mondi's sustainable packaging experts have partnered with Olympic skateboarder Julia Brückler to answer your questions.

What do you picture when it comes to paper? For many, it may be something delicate. But when it comes to containerboard at Mondi, paper is mighty.  

What is containerboard? 

It's part of the fibre that makes up our everyday lives. From shipping wine to wind turbines, containerboard connects international trade by offering a sustainable and strong packaging solution for the things we all want and need.

It takes three or more layers of our containerboard paper grades to form the corrugated board that goes into innovative packaging solutions: an inside liner, an outside liner, and at least one wavy sheet of fluting sandwiched between.  

A graphic illustrating the components of Mondi containerboard.

Containerboard is used to make carboard boxes and innovative packaging solutions for a wide range of uses, from food and drink to consumer goods and heavy-duty industrial items. In the right hands, it offers all the strength and resilience found in nature and paves a way to tackling some of the environmental challenges that face our modern world.

Let's challenge the experts

We asked the paper-making experts at Mondi’s containerboard mill in Świecie, Poland, how to prove this and they answered in a way that we’ve come to expect from people who think outside the box all day:

Can we build a half-pipe strong enough for Olympic skateboarder Julia Brückler to shred on? 

Going for gold won't be easy, but our containerboard is up to the challenge:

  • Julia will land safely after each trick thanks to the same sturdiness that our containerboard brings to every Mondi box;
  • Each twist and turn of her skateboard will be endured by the damage-resistant properties of our paper grades;
  • And her wheels will run smoothly on the same bold surface that our customers' brands print so well on.

Watch now to see how Julia and Mondi Świecie took on this Olmypic feat 👇

Stay tuned for our next challenge

Circularity is key to our business and we design our products for a sustainable end-of-life. The half-pipe will get plenty of use at Mondi and then, thanks to the 100% recyclability of our containerboard grades, its components will go on to serve the next challenge our experts take on.

Visit one of the links below to learn more about Mondi's containerboard grades, explore our job opportunities and speak with an expert.

What can containerboard do for you?

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