Odd-lot offer

At the Mondi Limited and Mondi plc Annual General Meetings held on 3 May 2013 Mondi obtained shareholder approval to undertake an Odd-lot Offer. The Odd-lot Offer was implemented on 17 July 2013.

The Odd-lot Offer was to facilitate a reduction in the number of ordinary shareholders holding fewer than 100 Mondi Limited ordinary shares and/or fewer than 100 Mondi plc ordinary shares in an equitable way.

The Odd-lot Offer:

  • (i) enabled Mondi to reduce the recurring costs of administration resulting from the relatively large number of Odd-lot Holders (for example, the costs of printing and distributing financial statements, circulars and notices); and
  • (ii) provided Odd-lot Holders with an affordable means of exiting their shareholding (i.e. without incurring trading costs) and at a premium to the market price of the Mondi Limited and Mondi plc Ordinary Shares.

The Odd-lot Offer opened on 10 June 2013 and closed on 12 July 2013. To be eligible to participate shareholders had to have held less than 100 Mondi Limited Ordinary Shares and/or less than 100 Mondi plc Ordinary Shares on both the First Record Date (12 April 2013) and also on the Second Record Date (7 June 2013).

Unless eligible Odd-lot Holders expressly elected to retain their shares, the shares were purchased by Mondi and payments issued on 24 July 2013.